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Risk Free Bitcoin Investment
Hello all, Today I am Here to guide you to earn free Bitcoins without doing anything just a sign Up. I am on the crypto-currency world since 2015 and I am on Time and Update since its establishment 2013. Till now i Had not created any post about Earning BTC as I find all are for their own profit only and As for cloud mining, it requires sufficient investments, and no one will give a 100% guarantee of profit. But today I am here with a long-term BTC earning Idea. Free Bitcoin No Investment No Risk Mine yourself.

If you are beginner Check this Post and Create a online BTC wallet Get Started With Bitcoin free BTC Online Wallets.
Yes you can become a miner too using your own PC. Here you will share your computer power and works using the resources of your computer in the background, in no way limiting its workability, and you will receive a reward for that.
To get started on BitAinex, simply input your email address and a username and password is sent to you. I recommend changing this password when you first log in to something a bit more secure. Remember to use a unique password for every HYIP that you use. It’s a bit of a pain, but it helps keep your accounts safe. How to earn bitcoin doing nothing
Once logged in you can make a deposit using the bitcoin address supplied. It should appear pretty quickly and you are all set. Your profits are calculated daily and added to your account balance. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC so withdraw often if you are nervous.
There are 3 basic plans to choose from:
  1. 2.6% daily for deposits up to 10 BTC

  2. 3.2% daily for deposits from 10 up to 50 BTC

  3. 4.8% daily for deposits above 50 BTC
Each plan lasts for 45 calendar days, and your deposit is returned after this period. So total returns are 217%, 244%, and 316% when you include the returned deposit. However, this means that your deposit is locked up for this time and can’t be released. Risk free bitcoin investment program 
I would recommend only the first plan as it’s the least risky, but the fact that your deposit is locked for 45 days makes all the plans very risky. If you are new to HYIPs, then probably don’t invest or go with something small. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC.
Rating is a pretty standard looking HYIP and doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The look of the site is OK, but some of the text is hard to read which detracts from the site. The trading story is plausible, but there are so many HYIPs that use something similar. The member section is nice and easy to use, and all the info is clear and concise. Overall, is good, but needed more attention on the design and grammar. For more info please visit

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