Announcement and Invitation for Registration of the First International Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition
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July 29, 2018


The Chinese Society for the Law of the Sea (CSLOS) has decided to launch the first International Law of the Sea Moot Court Competition in October 27th -28th, 2018 in Beijing, China. In this year, the competition will be organized by CSLOS, hosted by China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), and sponsored by Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Hainan University and China Institute for Marine Affairs (CIMA).


The competition will apply proceedings of the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), which are stipulated in the Part XV of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), or those of other international courts and arbitral tribunals. The grand final of the competition will be judged by a bench consisting of members from international courts and/or tribunals, including judges from ITLOS that have confirmed to participate in the grand final. 


The competition aims to become a unique platform for university students across the world to enhance their awareness and understanding on the operation of international dispute resolution mechanism, and wishes to provide valuable opportunities for its participants to exchange ideas on emerging and frontier issues in the law of the sea.


The problem and registration form were published on July 20th. The organizing committee wishes to cordially invite and welcome teams from universities across the world to participate in the competition. Teams that are interested in participating in the competition of this year are kindly invited to complete the registration through sending an email to the organizing committee before August 15th. The organizing committee will publish any further information about this competition at http://gjfxy.cupl.edu.cn/.


Contact Information:

The Organizing Committee of SINOLOSMCC

School of international law, China University of Political Science and Law

25 Xitucheng Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100088

Phone: 86-10-58909358

Email: sinolosmccregi@163.com



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